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We are Akwa Group’s Venture Capital Fund, specialized in financing and scaling up innovative startups with high potential in Morocco and internationally. Our focus lies within the technology sector.

We prioritize innovative technology solutions with a scalable business model and exceptional growth potential.

Backed by a 60 years old solid Moroccan economic player operating in various industries, we benefit from its broad expertise and innovation to take part in the great revolutions of a constantly evolving sector.


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We strive to seek, identify, accelerate and invest in solutions that address the challenges of tomorrow.

Our core principle is to invest in disruptive ideas conceived by passionate and determined startup founders.

Today, our portfolio includes over twenty startups located in Africa, Europe, and North America.

Health Tech : Innovative solutions in the medical sector (biotech, e-health, medtech, diagnostic tools, teleconsultation...)

Deep Tech : Products or services that provide significant market value, leveraging cutting-edge technology and developed in close collaboration with research, such as AI, quantum computing, and blockchain.

Green Tech : Environmentally friendly solutions powered BY / Using clean and sustainable energy sources such as hydrogen, solar power, and electric batteries.

Agri-food Tech : Innovative and revolutionary solutions in the agricultural and agri-food sectors.

Fintech : Digital payment and financing solutions, including mobile apps, crowdfunding platforms, digital fund transfers, and e-wallets.

Mobilité et Smart city : All projects operating in the mobility of people, vehicles, services, and IoT devices in a sustainable and innovative urban environment.

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Our mission is to identify new sources of growth through equity investments in startups or companies and also through the development of in-house projects or joint ventures with partners, focused on the key pillars of innovation and technology. This extends to all domains of Health Tech, Deep Tech, Green Tech, Agri-food Tech, Fintech, as well as Mobility and Smart City.
How we operate

Venture Capitalist

We are passionate about entrepreneurship and technology, As a Venture Capital fund specialized in the tech and innovation sector, we support ambitious founders who offer disruptive and innovative solutions.

Startup Studio

We launch projects aimed at implementing innovative solutions around new technologies to facilitate and modernize our lifestyles. 


Always on the lookout for new ideas, we are also open to partnerships through co-branding, joint ventures or exclusive franchises, when our interests and values meet.