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We are an investment company, subsidiary of Akwa Group, specializing in the implementation and development in Morocco of innovative projects related to the mobility of tomorrow.

Backed by a 60 years old solid Moroccan economic player operating in various industries, we benefit from its broad expertise and innovation to take part in the great revolutions of a constantly evolving sector.


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We strive to seek, identify, accelerate and invest in solutions that respond to the mobility challenges of tomorrow.

Our guideline is to invest in disruptive solutions illustrated by passionate and determined project owners.

Our Portfolio has over twenty startups across many countries ( Morocco, France, Sénégal, Nigeria, India, the USA, Egypt). Two of them, Kifal Auto and Coin Afrique, have already reached the exit phase and we’ve added follow-on fundings to four others. 

The Mobility of People refers to Smart transportation accessible to all, while guaranteeing a measured ecological footprint.

The Mobility of Vehicles concerns autonomous and intelligent vehicles, new energies, and new transportation technologies in the urban space.

The Mobility of Objects is structured around last-mile delivery processes, optimized logistics as well as technologies related to connected objects (IoT: Internet of things).

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Our mission is to identify new sources of growth through equity investments in startups or companies and also through the development of in-house projects or joint ventures with partners, around major areas related to sustainable mobility, including new energies (electric, hybrid, and hydrogen), car-sharing, car-hailing, smart parking, autonomous vehicles or last-mile delivery.

How we operate

Corporate Venture

We are passionate about entrepreneurship and technology, and also operate as a Venture Capital fund specializing in Smart Mobility. This is how we support ambitious startuppers who bring disruptive and technological solutions to the mobility of tomorrow!


We launch projects aimed at setting up innovative and ambitious services around new mobility solutions, Electric Vehicles, and Smart transportation to facilitate and modernize urban travel modes and also reduce the carbon footprint generated by the Mobility of Vehicles.


Always on the lookout for new ideas, we are also open to partnerships through co-branding, joint ventures or exclusive franchises, when our interests and values meet.